Sun Signs and Energy

"Not all [insert sign] are like that", we might often say as a result of superficial generalizations and it is rather disquieting.... Generalizing is bad and forgets the complexity of one's individual chart. Houses, Planetary relationships, natal moon phase and transits are all important. But, for those who are sensitive to energy and for those... Continue Reading →

My opinion on Heaven and Earth. And does the world need to be saved?

Heaven is not supposed to be on Earth. Earth is supposed to be on Earth. Earth is perfect the way it is. We humans ascribe pain and suffering as a negative when it's really a divine catalyst for our own soul's growth. That's why we even come here. We don't come here because the food... Continue Reading →

Why Judgment Makes Little Sense

I have been reading these two books and while they don't mention "astrology" or our "astrological charts", they are all about how we create our own "charts" before we incarnate on Earth. Before we incarnate, we have "pre-birth planning sessions" with our spirit guides and our soul group and during those sessions we create a... Continue Reading →

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