The Reason Why We Might Be So Protective of Our Food

Food is a religion since it's often based on uncritical blind belief. Just like you don't bad talk someone's mother, you don't the food they love to eat, even if it's poison, even if it keeps them sick... They don't see it that way. You do not down-talk any food or anyone's addictions. People will... Continue Reading →

Could Beliefs Act as a Form of Emotional Anesthesia?

We all have beliefs. But for some of us and in some cases, beliefs and superstitions are clung to as a means of feeling comfort in the world. There's nothing wrong with that. What person wouldn't want to look for comfort in this crazy world? I eat comfort food for my comfort. Beliefs are one... Continue Reading →

When Science Becomes Religion

The very nature of science is in questioning what we hear and honoring objective personal experience since information is not always knowledge. "Dissent is crucial for the advancement of science. Disagreement is at the heart of peer review and is important for uncovering unjustified assumptions, flawed methodologies, and problematic reasoning." -- I. de Melo-Martin and... Continue Reading →

The Journey of the Empath

There is a common running theme embedded in our culture and that is to do whatever in the world we can do to avoid pain at all costs: So we preach. And we preach..... And preach..... and hope... that we can shut it all off. Here are some examples of what we have been saying... Continue Reading →

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