Most Child Molestation Abuse Goes Unreported | Why We Can’t Trust Statistics

Trigger Warning: Sex Abuse. If you cannot handle this topic, please don't read below.... The problem with sex abuse stats is that most of them go unreported. While it's more common for adult women to report being raped, it's much less common for adult men to report the same due to the pressure to "be... Continue Reading →

Should We Have a “Here’s My Phone Number Day”?

I love the idea of a suicide hotline. It's a great place to go when there is no other. But it is sad that it even has to exist as it is sad that therapists have to exist. Real friendship is, for the most part, dead. While some of us have pure intentions to help... Continue Reading →

Love Like an Animal Can

The reason why so many of us prefer nonhuman animals as companions is probably because animals really know how to be a friend. The nonhuman animal will love you if you are cranky, enraged, self-pitying, depressed, helpless, hopeless, terrified, grief-stricken, can't get over it, sad, stuck, unmotivated, whiny, angry, impatient, negative, ignorant, fat, sick or... Continue Reading →

If We Can Just Help ONE Person…

It's so important that if we like someone, we either tell them or in some way, make it very clear we like them. There are so many people who have committed suicide and maybe most of them were lost cases, but I wonder how many lives would be saved if we just came clean and... Continue Reading →

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