How to know if someone is in your frequency?

Another way of knowing whether someone is "your people" is in how many times  you have to explain  yourself to them. Some people will read things into your words that do not represent what you said or meant. It's nobody's fault. It just means that both parties might be in different radio frequencies. Why live... Continue Reading →

How We Cannot Really Understand Others Until We Heal

We think we understand what people are saying and who they are, but in reality, we very rarely if ever do -- especially if we are triggered. We are only seeing what we need to see in others to trigger growth. That said, until we fully heal, all we see outside of us whether they... Continue Reading →


Why we argue with those we agree with: I have noticed for the longest time that human animals are hung up on words. We are, by design, telepathic but behaviorally conditioned to allow words to weigh us down and become an obstacle to mature meaningful communication. If we all forgot about language and just focused... Continue Reading →

The Language of the Soul

If we only allowed ourselves to emote, there would rarely be misunderstandings. The sloppy language that comes as a result of suppressed authenticity (emotion) might explain why there is so much relationship drama in the world. As we evolve, we emote; as we emote, we evolve....and the takeaway is empathy and love and true joy.... Continue Reading →

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