How to Help People When They are Down

The ones who are doing the work of healing are actually letting go of their past are oddly the ones we judge for being stuck there, we judge them because “it happened a long time ago” and "you gotta move on" and we judge them for not getting over it fast enough. We judge them... Continue Reading →

Why More People Need to Feel Sorry for Themselves

Feeling sorry for ourselves and the infamous "self-pity" is really self-compassion. And it's very very rare. Our culture shuns and shames anyone who pities or feels sorry for themselves as we have all heard our parents and elders saying "Stop feeling sorry for yourself!". We have heard our culture saying "You're stuck in self-pity; get... Continue Reading →

Why We Might Complain

I love people who complain probably because I love the part of me that complains. It's real. People who complain are real people. Some don't realize that you can still be grateful, fun and positive and still complain. Life isn't easy and we all need each other since we are all a part of one... Continue Reading →

There Are Only Two Choices

There are only two choices we can make in life and we have to make these choices everyday: To love or to judge. How happy we are is contingent upon which choice we make.

You Are Loveable Even If You Are Negative

If people get on your butt for being negative, it's only because they judge themselves for being negative. They don't love themselves unconditionally. So, please never let anyone shame your realness. We are multifaceted souls and each have our own unique spark. Let it shine!

The Limitations of Epigenetics

While Epigenetics IS real and while the aging process can be slowed through the way we live our lives, it also falls under conventional genetics which we may not be able to control. As an example, my biological mother died at 69 from lung cancer and had a host of illnesses during the last 3... Continue Reading →

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