The Primal Expression of Emotions VS Crying Around the Pain in Circles (Updated!)

You know how they say the eye of the storm is the safest place to be? Some practicioners in body-centered cathartic therapeutic models might call this a "primal". The primal is the "eye of the storm"... For the cathartic emotional release aspect of our healing journey, we might find that we start out emoting outside... Continue Reading →

Addressing Ego-bashing

The more we bash the ego as bad, the more time it might take to heal and disidentify with it. The ego is not wrong. It's our inner child. It came to life to hold on to our traumas so that we could function in the world. The only reason you're still breathing now is... Continue Reading →

Demystifying the Know Thyself Anthem

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom" - Socrates I have been asked what my take was on this. There are, what I see to be, three layers of the self: the personality (the mask), the unconscious (part of self we're unaware of and/or ashamed of), and the soul-self (the true self). Knowing the... Continue Reading →

Dear Little Karen…

Dear little Karen, I see where you are and I understand it. You have shielded yourself against love all your life and I know why now. Love is the enemy. It is foreign. It is scary. It means opening up your heart just to get betrayed, used and lied to again and again and again.... Continue Reading →

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