To Be Human is to be OK with Needing Validation

On needing validation.... ​I need validation sometimes and there is no shame in needing it. When I am having a hard time, it's nice to know I am understood, that someone gets me. It's a sharp contrast to our fervent gas-lighting culture. If we are honest with ourselves, we appreciate our feelings validated. I think... Continue Reading →

Could We All Be Bi(multi)polar?

In this piece, I explain why I think we might all be multipolar and suggest we entertain the idea that humans are much more complicated than we think. Do you sometimes judge others for being too this or too that often? If you find yourself doing this, all the more I'd love you to continue... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Smile?

Someone may look happy, but that doesn't mean they are. A lot of us wear a mask as that is the only way to survive in a world that shuns authenticity and feelings. We cannot handle depth because we cannot handle our own depth. We cannot handle other's feelings because we cannot handle our own.... Continue Reading →

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