You’ve Got Everything | How Could You Be So Unhappy?

"You've got everything you want. How could you be so unhappy?" I don't understand why we equate having money with being happy. You can live in a three story mansion, be married with 2 children and have two dogs. You can have nice green grass and a white picket fence. You can have maids and... Continue Reading →

A “Just Be Happy” switch? Where is it!?

Popular Culture: ​Just be happy. ​ Perceived Fool: Hey, great idea. Let me just flip on that happy switch. Oh! All better now! Thanks for saving me! Popular Culture: Love yourself. Perceived Fool: Oh yeah. I must have forgotten. Let me hit that "love yourself" switch. Presto! Popular Culture: Stop being depressed. Perceived Fool: You... Continue Reading →

There Are Only Two Choices

There are only two choices we can make in life and we have to make these choices everyday: To love or to judge. How happy we are is contingent upon which choice we make.

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