The Underappreciated Difference between Death and Grief

Can't they just be friends? It's really important to notice the difference between death and grief. What we call "death" is about the one who has gone back Home and grief is about those who have survived the one who has died. All that happens to us in this physical experience gives us opportunity after... Continue Reading →

Anger Needs to be Expressed

Our culture says that anger hurts you but we are only getting a half truth here. Anger only punishes you when you keep it inside and suppress it. When you, however, give it full expression in a safe place, once released, you might find that grief was underneath it. Then finally, we feel the grief... Continue Reading →

The Beauty in Release

What we feel is what we heal -- heal on every single level. It is so important to allow ourselves to grieve if we want to avoid becoming ill. Our culture, sadly, frowns upon the healing process and feeling emotions. So, we suppress our emotions and become sick. Keeping pain inside is akin to holding... Continue Reading →

The Grieving Journey is a Personal One

What I'm learning through my husband and the grief groups we've been going to is that grief is very personal. What works for one may not for another and vice versa. As much as we like to imagine that there is a one-size-fits-all paradigm to resolve grief, there isn't. Each individual is here for different... Continue Reading →

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