The Problem with Gratitude

Gratefulness can be another spiritual bypass trap. I think gratefulness IS a divine virtue, but like forgiveness, it's got to be authentic. I can sit around here and tell you all what I am grateful about, but unless I really mean it and unless I am TRULY embodying it through my own ACTIONS, it's just... Continue Reading →

On Gratefulness

You can be going through a hell of a time, feeling all sorts of emotions and cursing the world and STILL be grateful all at once. Just because someone is going through a rough patch, does not automatically mean they aren't grateful for what they DO have. Also, you cannot teach someone to be grateful.... Continue Reading →

Balancing Gratefulness with Justice

I wonder if most illness in first world countries might be iatrogenic? IF they are... I find it important that if we don't speak up about the corruption on our own doorstep, we will become just like those systems in less privileged countries. Third world systems don't happen overnight; they happen as a result of... Continue Reading →

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