The Underappreciated Key to Getting Past Our Pasts

I have always been a champion for feeling feelings since I was a kid. I knew it was important, but I had always been alone with that mindset. "Cowboy logic" dictates that if it hurts, hide it. Let it roll off your back. That's how I was raised. Grin and bear it, suck it up,... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Freedom to Ourselves

When we allow others to have their own opinion without trying to censor them, we are practicing love; we are probably becoming free ourselves. Refuting claims others make is fine; censorship is a different animal. Censorship not only oppresses others, but it imprisons the oppressors more than anyone else. When we give the gift of... Continue Reading →

Welcoming Rejection

It is incredibly hard to please everybody. And believe me when I say, for the last 49 years I have done all I can do to make everyone happy because I just wanted to be loved. I wanted the love from others I wasn't able to give myself. I have come to realize that it... Continue Reading →

Being OK with Being Wrong

Being wrong is death for some people and they may go on into their adult lives trying to prove they are right. Liberation is only found in being OK with being wrong and having no problem admitting you are sometimes wrong and there are some things you just don't know.  

Loneliness is Freedom

Loneliness is freedom because you're no longer bound to other people's opinions. Loneliness is freedom because you no longer play the telephone game and repeat what you hear. Loneliness is freedom as you have become your own Authority. You think for yourself and are OK being alone in how you view the world. You think... Continue Reading →

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