Why Cynicism Might Be A Sign Of Maturity and Strong Boundaries

Surely enough, in a utopian society, discernment, intuition and critical thinking would not be needed; we could believe everyone, trust everyone knowing it's impossible we'd ever be exploited or hurt. We would not need to lock our doors at night. We would not need locks at all. We wouldn't need banks because everyone would be... Continue Reading →

The Authority Within Part II

The Importance of self-experimentation and trusting the Self when committing to healing modalities and dieting: Truth might not live outside us like we might think it does. We can only know what works and what doesn't through personal experience, through our mistakes and through our own inner wisdom and guidance. It is great to listen... Continue Reading →

The TV versus The Internet

Some of us might make a big deal about how television dumbs us down and that the internet is a safe alternative because as least we can choose what to look at and at least we can do research to learn unlike TV where we don't have many choices. And while that is true, here's... Continue Reading →

We Are Our Own Snopes

As a member of some Facebook groups, I hear often in both dietary and spiritual communities questions like "Should I trust this person?" People ask about books, authors, doctors, gurus and so on. We should always read everything with a discriminating mind at all times. We don't gain to blindly believe or blindly doubt anything.... Continue Reading →

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