The Difference Between Diet and Health and When it Becomes a Religion

Does your diet cause you to love or judge? Since 2014 when I started to make major changes in my diet, I joined a lot of Facebook health groups and fast-forward to 2018, I am reporting a pattern. The internet is ripe with diet "experts", know-it-alls, and a lot of people whose validity is contingent... Continue Reading →

Hard Lessons I Learned from Fad Dieting

One thing that's for sure is that we all die. There is no diet we can go on that will prevent our death. We are all here to do what we came here to do and then die. So whether we're on the standard western diet, or the Japanese rice diet, the keto diet, the... Continue Reading →

The Authority Within Part II

The Importance of self-experimentation and trusting the Self when committing to healing modalities and dieting: Truth might not live outside us like we might think it does. We can only know what works and what doesn't through personal experience, through our mistakes and through our own inner wisdom and guidance. It is great to listen... Continue Reading →

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