The Dark, when you can handle it, is liberating

I am reading THE MOST depressing nonfiction book right now and yet since I started reading this book, I am feeling more connected. Maybe it's a coincidence, but every time I read it, I just feel more and more like myself. My energy is positively shifting everyday; the more I read it, the more shifts... Continue Reading →

How the Lack of Perfection Might be What Makes the World So Perfect

If we learn only the light about our own country, we are ignorant. If we learn only about the darkness of our own country, we are ignorant. If we learn only about the light in other countries, we are ignorant. If we learn only of the darkness in other countries, we are, again, ignorant. If... Continue Reading →

Learning By Contrast

What better way to learn judgment isn't kind than to be on the receiving end of judgement ourselves? While being judged might feel like a curse at first, it's a blessing in disguise if we use it as tool to learn not to judge others....since we know how it feels. And we might not learn... Continue Reading →

Why Darkness Might Be Our Friend

Why darkness might be our friend and why I'm not afraid of talking about the dark side of life... We might use the term "negative" to ascribe to those people brave enough to talk about and face the darkness, but I find the darkness and the facing of it rather positive and here's why: Running... Continue Reading →

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