The Cost of Not Being There for Each Other

The collective cost of not being there for each other....and the justified vicious cycle.... We all know we cannot complain in our culture. Only few do it openly. How are you? Fine. Even when life is not fine, we know better. We say fine. Everyone's got problems and nobody wants to hear yours. Because it's... Continue Reading →

Are You Complaining about People Who Complain?

We complain about complainers; it's the most common complaint. But when you're really happy, high-vibing and feeling good about yourself, you won't mind people who complain. True happiness is not about resistance; it's about acceptance. As a resistor of people and life myself, I see what it does to my mindspiritbody. Resisting the personality in... Continue Reading →

Why We Might Complain

I love people who complain probably because I love the part of me that complains. It's real. People who complain are real people. Some don't realize that you can still be grateful, fun and positive and still complain. Life isn't easy and we all need each other since we are all a part of one... Continue Reading →

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