The Problem with Non-violent Communication

Saying the "right" stuff vs being Real "When a friend comes to me because they’re upset about something I did, I want to say the right thing. So I think and think and analyze the facts. How can I take responsibility for what happened? How can I be mature about this situation? How can I... Continue Reading →

Why We Don’t Change Our Minds and How to Reduce Online Headaches

I wonder if the reason why people are less likely to change their political views (or any views) is because we  might speak to our audience in a smug, hateful, condescending manner that serves to shame the opposition. When people feel attacked, they are less likely to listen to our point of view. How do... Continue Reading →

An Alternative to Passive Aggression

A perfect way to see our past is through the relationships we have with others in the present. Wonky relationships in the present are sometimes associated with pathological relationships we have had with our role models growing up. We might normalize a dysfunctional upbringing (if we haven't completely repressed it) as a means to cope,... Continue Reading →

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