It’s no easy task to grow up in a world that glorifies the victim. Look at the lawsuit culture in America. Somebody trips on a grape at the supermarket, they sue and make a lot of money off of that. Our laws are structured to make it the fault of the business instead of the... Continue Reading →

The Codependent Parent-Child Dynamic in Facebook Groups

​In this article I talk about the codependent proverbial "parent-child" dynamic exemplified in a group context and how our current behaviors stifle growth. I have been writing on this topic now for several years after seeing how people behave in online communities. I noticed a perverted  relationship that exists between Facebook admins and their members.... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Freedom to Ourselves

When we allow others to have their own opinion without trying to censor them, we are practicing love; we are probably becoming free ourselves. Refuting claims others make is fine; censorship is a different animal. Censorship not only oppresses others, but it imprisons the oppressors more than anyone else. When we give the gift of... Continue Reading →

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