The Many Individual Ways We Cope with Trauma

Nobody comes out of a traumatic background unscathed unless they have fully done the difficult blood, sweat and tears work of recovery. Some of us (like myself) are really skilled at putting on a mask and blocking out  pain so convincingly that people think we are not suffering! Those who are extroverts, laugh a lot,... Continue Reading →

Adoption Trauma

Paul Sunderland Talks About Adoption and Addiction... If I could ask anything of the world, it would be to better understand trauma. Today, more specifically adoption trauma. Why are some of us so hyper-vigilant in relationships? Why do some adult adoptees push others away before their friends get a chance to? Why are some of... Continue Reading →

A Possible Answer to C-PTSD

C-PTSD might go away when we feel the feelings revolved around the trauma. When the abuse is faced head-on we shall be free, but it takes time and it's a process. Old feelings will begin to surface as our body becomes more prepared for it. The healthier we are, the better. The OCD, panic attacks,... Continue Reading →

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