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I have a lot of half-baked ideas as to what this whole Life thing might be about and am here to bounce them around. I have been writing for years and have around 500 self-written articles and snippets I would love to share. Each week I share 1-10 pieces and snippets from my personal collection. My writings reflect my personal experiences as well as what I intuit. I try my opinions on like a hat and I don’t take myself too seriously in the process. I love to imagine, think, feel, wonder, intuit and question conventional and not so conventional wisdom.

All the photos on my page outside of the header photo have all been captured by me. If I use any photo that is not mine, I will make that clear.

I hope you will enjoy my musings as much as I enjoy writing them. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d ever like to talk. I appreciate feedback.

Thank you for stopping by and don’t forget to subscribe to my page.

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  1. i read your blog on astrology, yes its interesting. vedic astrology is a timeless wisdom. i have read thousands of horoscope or natal charts in india and other parts of the world and found this science hundred percent correct. sun sign based prediction are totally wrong. most important is ascendant and placement of moon at the time of birth. very purpose of astrology is not only to guide you in material world as a map but to you aware of your true potential and connect you to vast field of cosmic energy. you can say vedic astrology is a spiritual science. every one should take help or guidance to move happily on this earth planet. since we are a traveller and travelling, so guide map is necessary. horoscope or natal chart is nothing but a guide map to your destination and that is fullness of life or enlightenment. —-thanks swami prakashji—–vedic astrologer and spiritual teacher.———————follow us on twitter , facebook , whatsapp————swami prakashji——————–contact no———–919213204094

  2. Reading your intuits on relationship was sheer pleasure…. It was a reflection of my very own self… And, I believe the greatest success of a writer is achieved when the reader can associate himself with the character the writer has penned… I’m trying my hands in stories woven on the complex mosaic of human relations, taking time out of my daily fodder of economics and politics… I’m sharing with you a link to one of my stories… Would be happy if you could spend a while reading and a little while more commenting…


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