Where Introversion Might Come From

For ages, we have been an extroverted world. The introverted aspect of me has always had a big problem with this. I dislike being forced into social situations I wanted no part of. I want to be me! I cannot be myself when I am around the wrong people.  While we are all social beings, we need to be discriminating for our own health.  There are problems with a toxic variety of extroversion when our culture shames the misfits like myself. What a relief as we move into a more introverted culture, probably out of necessity. As a people watcher, I have been studying introversion. These are the tentative conclusions I have arrived at as to where introversion comes from:

Introversion might come from…….

—A conscious or subconscious generalized hatred for humanity. 

—A conscious or subconscious feeling of being tired of taking care of other people and their feelings, putting them ahead of our own needs, our own limitations and our own authenticity. Social interactions are exhausting because we are forced to forgo our true selves to win approval from others. This keeps people from wanting to talk to others.  

—A conscious or subconscious fear of being judged. 

—Conscious or subconscious self-shame which being seen in public can exacerbate. 

—People with certain astrological birth chart placements are extremely energetically sensitive and can pick up on the repressed uncomfortable emotions of others and this can be super exhausting if we have yet to deal with those emotions within ourselves. So, crowds can be a problem. 

—Social media. We spend most of our social interactions using virtual electronic equipment. Enough usage can cause people to lose their ability to relate to and properly hold a face-to-face or voice-to-voice conversation with others.

—Believe it or not, people can feel suffocated or even claustrophobic holding conversations with others — especially on the phone. It feels one-sided, doesn’t it? When we are talking to someone (especially if we are people-pleasers) ,we might feel like we are being bound. We have to, again, drop our own wants and needs for someone else in this bound state. With the advent of texting, now people can answer on their time without feeling mounted by the other person. 

When our feelings about humanity are subconscious, well that’s the part of our mind we are unaware of. And if these feelings are subconscious, they will drive our behaviors and thoughts more powerfully. Our subconscious mind rules 90% of our behavior, addictions, beliefs and relationship patterns. For example, if we are misanthropic, we might be so ashamed of those feelings, we might compensate by being overly nice to others thereby running us down even more and contributing to social exhaustion. …and even more misanthropy. 

I think we are a very complex humanity. Our behavior is rooted in childhood events which shape how we will grow up and feel about humanity and the world. A byproduct of growth and healing, however, will reverse this as we learn how to say “no”, how to express our limitations with others, how to avoid being around the wrong people and how to give others the freedom to dislike us for being who we are. Once we get to this point, I believe our new level of discrimination will bring us back to the social beings we were made to be. 

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