Why I believe Emotions are Life

The most raw expression you have, the most authentic part of you is your emotions. Emotions are rage, anger, jealousy, terror, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, helplessness, joy, laughter, bliss, happiness….

“In order to fully embrace our inner power, we first need to accept all emotions rather than ignoring certain emotions that we think are too weak, bad, or negative. Suppressing emotions doesn’t end them; it just buries the emotions under the surface. So the suppressed emotions are waiting for their chance to come back. This is why some people feel the same fear, anger, and sorrow repeatedly — and sometimes quite unexpectedly.

In other words, when you judge and suppress emotions, you become your own threatening enemy from whom you can never get away. You also miss feeling joy and happiness because all emotions come through the same pathway. Suppressing one emotion means suppressing all emotions. Consequently, your life shrinks as your feelings shrink. In contrast, if you dare to feel all emotions, you will soon find that the emotions pass quite quickly.  ~”Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records” by Akemi G

Emotions, I believe, are of the soul. It is the ego (the self created after trauma) that suppresses, but the soul wants nothing more than to have it’s very own authentic expression or reaction to its environment. The withholding of that expression, that reaction, is stagnancy which is a form of death. The soul is life, surrender and flow. Death is stagnancy, resistance, and suppression.

Remember emotion is energy in motion. When we feel, we are moving. When we suppress, we are stagnant. Stagnancy lives in low frequencies because it’s not moving. To be alive, you have to be moving and going with the flow. When we are stagnant and refusing flow, then flow stops on all levels in our bodies which creates physical and emotional illness.

“Because grieving is painful, there is at times a desire or temptation to rush the process or even push it aside altogether. For the soul, grief is an expression of love, and every expression of love is healing. If we resist grief, we literally wrap energy around our pain and lock it into place. Crying is the body’s natural means for clearing such energetic density; tears keep energy flowing and so allow for further healing.”  –Robert Schwartz (Your Soul’s Gift – The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born)

When we tell people to not feel, we don’t realize it, but we are not being helpful. Realness terrifies most people. When we ask people to hold on to their emotions, we are telling people that their authentic self is not welcome. We are asking people to be fake.  It is all about us and our internal war within ourselves. We hate our own emotions and our inner children and when others express their emotions, they remind us of our own traumatized parts we have abandoned. But that’s not other people’s problem…. It’s ours. And we have to own this for the sake of our own path to healing.

“What they don’t tell you about healing is that it requires discomfort, and a lot of it. It requires hearing hard truths and harder realities. It means that you’re no longer going to tolerate sitting in lukewarm, mild discomfort, and you’re tired of living halfway because you’re afraid to give it all you’ve got. It’s crying, it’s shaking with rage, it’s feeling everything you’ve built an entire life trying to avoid” ~Brianna Wiest

What does research tell us about crying?

“Dr. William Frey, a biochemist in Minnesota, has researched the chemical content of human tears. One of the substances found in tears was the stress hormone ACTH. Thus it is possible that shedding tears helps to reduce excessive amounts of ACTH and perhaps other substances that accumulate following a stressful event. Dr. Frey has suggested that the purpose of emotional crying may be to remove waste products from the body, similar to other excretory processes such as urinating, defecating, exhaling, and sweating. Frey’s conclusion is that “we may increase our susceptibility to a variety of physical and psychological problems when we suppress our tears.” Crying not only removes toxins from the body but also reduces tension. Studies on adults in psychotherapy have found lower blood pressure, pulse rate, and body temperature in patients immediately following therapy sessions during which they cried and raged. Similar changes were not observed in a control group of people who merely exercised for an equivalent period of time.

Researchers have looked at the relationship between crying and physical health. Studies have found that healthy people cry more and have a more positive attitude about crying than do people who suffer from ulcers or colitis. Other studies have shown that therapy involving high levels of crying leads to significant psychological improvement. Those patients who did not express their feelings in this manner during therapy tended not to improve, while those patients who did frequently cry in therapy experienced changes for the better.” ~Aletha Solter, PhD, is a developmental psychologist, international speaker, consultant, and founder of the Aware Parenting Institute

In an advanced evolved society, we will no longer be telling others to stuff down their pain. We will be encouraging our friends to feel everything because we will know that is what being truly ALIVE is all about. We will be strong enough to handle the pain of another as we’ll have matured enough to handle our own pain. Divinity would not give us emotions if they were “bad”. Divinity gave us emotions so that we could heal, so we could align with our true selves (soul) and learn who we are because who we are is locked in all those repressed emotions.

Note: There is a difference between acting out emotions and feeling them. Of course, I’m talking about the latter.

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