Is the Modern World the Cause of Emotional Illness?

I keep hearing people talk about how even if we recover from our pasts, that life is still hopeless because of the modern world. Or that people without any trauma should still feel despair and grief because the modern world is corrupt.

This is, as always, my opinion, but I don’t think there is anything new under the sun. All that is happening today, happened in another form yesterday. We also conveniently ignore all the good stuff and pleasant differences of today. I have a belief that we live in perfect duality and that we might always have. Even if the balance of duality is off, compensation will come later. There is always some balance. No matter what era we are looking at, life always brought us challenges to make us better.

With all our unexpressed rage, it is tempting to think that this day and age is the worst ever, but it’s really not. The modern world should not make anyone sick if they have completed the work of healing. I have noticed that the more I heal, the more able I am to appreciate life — both the good and the bad. The only reason why we might get triggered by current affairs is because it unconsciously takes us back to our past where the root triggers are. Those are too hard to face, so it is much easier to blame the new world.

The important thing is to use current events as part of our therapy. People are angry and they SHOULD be angry and that’s why it’s important to express that anger in a safe place with the intention to eventually take it all the way home to its roots. I have my beef with certain aspects of life and I let myself react to it. I give full expression to my emotions about it. That is my key to liberate myself from it. That is the operative word here: LIBERATION.  I think the Darkness is only here to help us heal our childhood wounds and when we come out of that, life can be pretty amazing.

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