Objectivity is Real

Truth is 100% objective. It’s perception that is subjective and individual. We are all mutated and unhealed in some fashion and so long as we have unhealed wounds, we might unconsciously continue to see the world and others through the lens of wounds (the child mind). This is why we all have unique perceptions. Our biological mutations have us limited as well. Our physical body needs nutrition and it needs to dump pent-up waste, the worms and the fungus that rule us from the shadows. Once we do, we will notice that our sense of smell, taste, feeling, eyesight, hearing and intuition come back to its natural state. And you don’t know how dulled your senses are until you begin healing on the deepest levels. Just like we flush toilets, we have to do the same with our bodies. Our senses are important to arriving at True Knowledge. The more we release pent-up emotion and pent-up waste and foreign objects in our bodies, heal on all levels and the more we integrate all fragmented parts of ourselves, Truth will become patently evident. And one day when we are all healed together, we will also all KNOW the same basic inherent truths. While our souls all have  unique energetic signatures, at our very foundation we are all the same and all connected.

All those who believe that absolute truth does not exist, will imply that is absolute truth. And I just want to note the irony in that.

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