Is the Modern World the Cause of Emotional Illness?

I keep hearing people talk about how even if we recover from our pasts, that life is still hopeless because of the modern world. Or that people without any trauma should still feel despair and grief because the modern world is corrupt. This is, as always, my opinion, but I don't think there is anything... Continue Reading →

On the Freeze Response and “Playing Possum”

It doesn't make sense that a possum would play possum. How is that any help for the possum? Animals kill other animals -- not because they are acting out their repressed rage from childhood, but for their food! A possum playing dead gives no advantage to herself since her predator will eat her dead or... Continue Reading →

Is it Really Mental Illness?

IS IT REALLY MENTAL "ILLNESS"? Maybe the name should be changed to "Survivor Reaction Suppression"? This is a phenomenon where as children, we froze because we could not either flee or fight off our attackers. Freeze is one of 4 biological stress responses to trauma and unhealed people live in a functional variation of unexpressed... Continue Reading →

Objectivity is Real

Truth is 100% objective. It's perception that is subjective and individual. We are all mutated and unhealed in some fashion and so long as we have unhealed wounds, we might unconsciously continue to see the world and others through the lens of wounds (the child mind). This is why we all have unique perceptions. Our... Continue Reading →

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