Armchair Psychologists and How to Become Trauma-informed

“Armchair psychologist” is a derogatory term used to shame and silence those who have insight, personal experience or opinions on the human condition (without mainstream accreditation) that makes someone else feel uncomfortable. You can only opine on trauma, it’s impact and the ways to heal only if you have mainstream accreditation. This makes no logical sense.

We cannot learn, truly learn about trauma from a text book, the media, mainstream psychology, FB memes, pop-spirituality or pop-culture. You have to talk to survivors themselves. I have done  the mainstream research and I have had my head buried in the literature since I was 17 years old and I am still reading today. However, when I remember my own story and the stories I hear from survivors all the time, with a few exceptions, they do not match up to the mainstream research. In other words, there is a lack of consistency between the mainstream narrative and real life stories. For this reason, I don’t rely on the media or those who call themselves mental health professionals automatically.

Note: I DO learn from those with doctorate degrees in Psychology. There are a few with academic accreditation who are trauma-informed and helpful, but they are often bashed by mainstream media outlets and journalists.  Yes, my favorite doctors are unpopular.

In terms of being trauma-informed, whether it is about statistics, the common age to be violated, memory, how we survived as children, how we survive as adults, the full long-term impact of trauma, who perpetrates and who gets victimized and how to recover from childhood sexual abuse….,whatever it is, you have to go out into the real world to learn this through personal investigation by talking to general public. The potentiality exists for the media (and the statisticians) to have an agenda. Additionally, the media might create and fabricate melodrama to influence opinion that protects perpetrators and throws survivors under the bus in spite of any pretenses. Real average people you meet in your daily life in the real world are more reliable.  The best way to learn about people is if you have gotten deep enough into your own healing that you start to see what you could not see before. True healing activates personal insights and deeper knowledge around the impact of trauma creating compassion and understanding that was not there before.  When we are regularly releasing our emotions and and doing the body-work (somatic healing), we get closer and closer to understanding one another.

I am almost positive the “Me Too Movement” and third-wave feminism were designed to discredit and undermine ACTUAL legitimate cases of sexual abuse. The media is a part of why so many survivors stay silent. This may be part of why people do not heal and give up. The media is not going to change their narrative, so it’s up to us to wake up and just use common sense when it comes to dealing with trauma survivors.

If you think I’m batshitcrazy, pulling rabbits out of my hat or if you are just interested in hearing that which might challenge your prejudices or what you think to be true, read the below in full to see what I mean. While this article does discredit the mainstream accredited False Memory Syndrome Foundation (run by known child molestors themselves), it will showcase how mainstream ideology does have an agenda to protect predators in spite of all the pretenses that they care about the children. Don’t believe me. Do your own research.

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