Why Forceful Opinions Can Cause Sex Abuse Flashbacks

When we are being raped, someone is literally imposing their will on us. We realize at that point we are powerless and there is no escape. Rape is a power-grab. Unhealed childhood sexual abuse can cause us to feel like others are forcing their opinions down our throat even when that is not happening. When we recover from abuse, we reclaim our full power and in that state, we can no longer feel intimidated by people’s opinions (forceful or not). We no longer feel walked on, suffocated, small and restrained under someone else’s suggestions or view points. And if someone is being a jerk, we are now empowered to set boundaries and let those people go. Healing from abuse is liberating. The control is back in our hands. We just don’t realize how powerful we are until we recover from that which took our power away. Sexual abuse, in a nutshell, is about someone who feels powerless taking someone else’s real power away. And we never get to enjoy our genuine power until we heal.

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