Fear-based Positivity and the Highly Sensitive Person

The most troubled people might feel the need to have positive people around them to counter all the negative thoughts and behaviors they exhibit. This might be why positivity is often preached. I had wondered my whole life why positive people were often the ones displaying negative behavioral patters. My tentative opinion is that they might suffer a lot because they are highly sensitive people. Those who are positive, on the other hand, are genuinely strong and have a high tolerance for the dark side of life and the humanness in others. They can handle being around a larger range of people and can emotionally afford to discuss deep dark issues without flinching, needing to change the subject or running away.

Quite often I have seen online where someone complains or is critiquing an aspect of our culture or I have seen people who want to spread awareness and expose corruption. I will see others accusing this person of being “negative” when the irony just might be that they are emotionally strong and positive enough to handle life outside the positive. Because it does take a lot of emotional ego strength to acknowledge and embrace darker realities and evil in general.

This is not so much about positive vs negative; it’s more about our threshold levels for pain. In the ideal world, we would be so compassionate that we wouldn’t need such condemning divisive terms such as “negative” and “positive”.  We would be so much at peace with ourselves that we wouldn’t need to shame where people are on their journeys.

I like to discuss these kinds of topics because I figure if we all could understand each other a little bit more or at least be curious enough to, we would get along better. And you cannot get anymore positive than that, yes? If your goal is to be positive or if you want to be seen as such, the most positive thing you can do is to let people be where they are. If they are unhappy, that is their right and you would be giving them the most selfless gift if you were to let them be unhappy. While negative people condemn, truly positive people make great efforts to be accepting.

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