Positivity, the New Word for Fear

False-positivity is a fear-based defense mechanism we might use to protect ourselves from truths we might not  want to face. Often this form of denial is masqueraded as an enlightened state when in reality, people in this state cannot cope with reality.

There is nothing wrong with living in fear, but so long as we don’t see it as fear, the more  dark realities and unsavory people have control over us.  Unconscious fear leaves us disempowered, naive, and stuck in a childlike state of mind.

“As long as you want the positive mainly because you fear the negative, your fear barricades the way to the positive. The planet Earth, this sphere of consciousness, is characterized by the desire of the positive not for itself but for the fear of its negative opposite.”

~Bernhard Guenther

Cynicism, curiousness, doubt and a questioning mind with a sharp bullshit detector is a sign of maturity; these traits exist in the most intelligent balanced minds. These people are often free from the worst of unconscious fear because they are not afraid to acknowledge that the world is a mixture of the light and the dark. And why would we want it any other way? What’s to learn when we’re getting everything our way? Where is the growth when we dress up the darkness? We may not enjoy being challenged by life’s hard-balls (which is the whole point), but the wiser aspect of ourselves welcome challenge and use it as a catalyst for growth….when we are ready. But we cannot grow when we continue running from what challenges us especially if we are in denial of doing so.

Darkness is not the bad guy here. The bad guy is the life coach that teaches positivity-fear, denial, obedience, the uncritical acceptance of ideas and authority and calls it “positivity” while looking down on those brave enough to think for themselves and ask questions. Our world has all kinds of language designed to humiliate and ostracize those who inquire and who honor Truth over delusion.  It’s always been like that. If you don’t stand in a straight line and march with the rest of ’em and smile while doing it, shame on you! But also congratulations! :-D

Cynicism is not negative — it’s the most positive state to be in, intellectually, since unconscious fear does not rule these people. And we all know, unconscious fear is the most disempowering lifeless state to be in.

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