Replacing Mothership with Friendship

What if kindness, compassion, selflessness and love come authentically only after a process through trauma recovery? What if some forms of nice-ness are trauma responses often called "the fawn response" while kindness is a byproduct of healing? Are we being unrealistic when we ask others to be nice to us? Be nice. Be kind. Be... Continue Reading →

Classical Music is Boring?

Many think classical music is boring and I cannot blame people for that. To be fair, we are not really exposed to all the branches of the tree of classical music. Our exposure is grossly limited. My husband has opened my eyes to cathartic classical music. How can one watch the below orchestra and think... Continue Reading →

Highly Relational Beings

I am so glad there is a "word" for people like myself. My real people are those who aren't afraid of communication. "As many of us have found out, silence can be violence when it is used in an effort to wound. It is one of the most potent ways to cause deep suffering. And... Continue Reading →

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