No Such Thing as an Overreaction

Not if we truly understand trauma….

I admire Marilyn Van Derbur for talking about this in her book. Last summer was the worst I felt in years due to a trigger that put me into a tailspin. Someone I knew brought on an adoption-trauma emotional flashback and I haven’t been the same since.

There is no such thing as an overreaction. It is purely physiological. People just don’t get trauma (especially adoption trauma when someone is already open) and how triggers actually work. Most do not understand transference and how it’s intrinsic to therapeutic partnerships. Fortunately, I owned the trigger and worked with it with my husband and my new process partner. I am very lucky I have so much support!

“What I would learn when I went into therapy many years later, is that the trauma of 13 years of incest had literally hardwired my brain so that my stress level on a scale of one to ten was fifty. If someone humiliated me, I had no way to accommodate the additional stress, so I would go into a kind of craziness–what Freud would call “hysteria”. Fortunately, it didn’t happen too often before I began an intense healing process in my late 40’s.”

~Marilyn Van Derbur

You’re not crazy. You’re not annoying. You are responding as anyone would considering all things equal.

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