Ready To Face Reality

I just realized the other day that I value Truth over friendship. That is where I’m at now on my journey. Truth is the most important to me. Even the most painful difficult truths. I need truth in every aspect of my life. Truth, for me, is Life. I am ready to face reality at this point. And I need people in my life who value truth as much as I do for my own sanity and well-being. I need to feel supported where I am. It’s why I left Facebook; it’s why I am walking away from some relationships. All my life (without realizing it) I have been making friends with people just to avoid feeling lonely. I (unconsciously) used Facebook in-part to create an illusion that I have a tribe. It backfired on me. It made me feel more alone. That’s the truth I had to face. It was keeping me from facing how alone I feel. I now need to walk my path with integrity being true to who I am.  I need people who can communicate truth to me no matter how much it would hurt me. I need people who are ready for the dialogue—honest real-time communication. As part of my Truth Journey, I cannot have dishonest relationships. I need the truth on every level and in every facet of life because that supports my healing journey.

I hope you all find what you are looking for and have a tribe who will support you on your way.

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