Why Cynicism Might Be A Sign Of Maturity and Strong Boundaries

Surely enough, in a utopian society, discernment, intuition and critical thinking would not be needed; we could believe everyone, trust everyone knowing it’s impossible we’d ever be exploited or hurt. We would not need to lock our doors at night. We would not need locks at all. We wouldn’t need banks because everyone would be trustworthy.  No need to worry about anything. It’s a G-rated Disney film. ; )

While we cannot deny the world DOES have Light and Goodness, the world also has Darkness and Challenges.  What if some of the darkness and challenges were our teachers? What if you are only as awake as you are now BECAUSE you have been challenged? Hardship has the potential to teach us to discern, feel, think, to become psychically boundaried which really is what healthy cynicism and healthy suspicion is all about. You cannot be boundaried and not be cynical. Repeated experiences with disillusionment might lead us to become someone who believes in ourselves rather than others. Why do we make cynicism such a dirty word? To me, it’s a sign of maturity. It’s means you are growing up.

Pop-culture  is often condemning critically thinking cynics as “pathological” when really the opposite is true. Our culture is asking us to drop our BS detectors and discriminating faculties to become docile, zombified obedient sheep who follow the crowd because….. God forbid anyone steps out of line, gets a backbone, grows up and starts to question things!

Don’t fall for the shame-inducing guilt-trips about being cynical. Cynicism is a feather in your hat; wear it proud. : )

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