Spirituality | A Balancing Act

I think there is such thing as ungrounded spiritual beliefs as there is such thing as beliefs being too spiritually materialistic and overly logical. In a black and white all or nothing world, I think the truth is often in the middle. Maybe we cannot learn unless we explore both extremes and check out each side? I have found my sweet spot in the gray areas. I think we are first spiritual beings before anything else, so why ignore our inherent spiritual nature? For now, we are experiencing a physical dimension inside of a body, so why ignore this very special human experience? To live out the human experience fully, it might be important to understand and experience both materialism (our humanness and physicalness) and spiritualism (the meaning of life, Spirit, Source). Both polar extremes think we are one or the other and I think to be truly spiritually grounded, we need to acknowledge and embody BOTH. An obsession with either the roots of the tree or it’s highest branches is the epitome of ungroundedness. The Spirit and the Material aren’t even separate to choose from anyway. They are both here. They are both real and interact with us all the time no matter what our beliefs are.

There are no communities out there that support grounded and balanced perspectives. Due to unexpressed anger and trauma, balance is rare. Balance is probably born out of visiting the extremes and realizing they aren’t practical to our inherent nature.

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