Wondering if Perception Even Exists

We have likes and dislikes. But in a world where we are conditioned to believe that truth does not exist — that there is only perception, I theorize that maybe it’s the opposite. Maybe there are no perspectives or seeing things differently. With regard to absolute Truth, maybe there is only the Truth and untruths. Maybe there are only those who have found the Truth and those who have not yet found it. Maybe that’s what makes us so different. Maybe what we call “perspective” is only the fogged lens we see reality out of due to unexpressed calcified emotions stored in our body from repressed and even non-repressed trauma. When we express our feelings in a safe therapeutic environment (rage, anger, shame, grief, terror, fear, sadness, powerlessness, helplessness etc.), we are perhaps cleaning the windows that get in the way of our view of Truth. And  maybe we only see things differently because we are at differing stages of our healing process?

Just some food for thought.

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