A possible reason for some adult trauma?

​FOR THOSE ON THE HEALING JOURNEY: We might start doing the healing work addressing childhood trauma only after an adult trauma takes place. Why must adult trauma happen? Haven’t we been through enough BS in our childhoods?

So many of us are not doing the nose-to-the-grindstone grueling blood sweat and tears work of healing because, even though we might be living challenging stressful lives, we might still be living fairly comfortably (numb). If we ourselves aren’t leaving our comfort zones with our own free will or making dramatic enough steps, sometimes we might find that something happens in our lives that sets a firecracker up our rear-ends to get us to start moving, deprogramming, expressing deep emotions, remembering some key forgotten childhood memories, and making fundamental changes in our lives. In tarot philosophy, these adult traumatic incidents that wake us up are no joke. They are aptly called “Tower Experiences”.

Back in May of 2013, I saw a video on my timeline posted by a friend that traumatized me, but at the same time, brought me out of my programmed emotionally stagnant haze REAL FAST. As I spent 8-10 hours a day researching, I realized that I had taken the red pill and with my own experiences and research, I learned that most of what I had been taught was a lie. I suffered suicide ideation, felt hopeless, powerless, helpless and depressed by all the information that I reached out to a hypnotherapist who literally saved my life. She explained the following to me:

“What you experienced in May is what some people call a Tower experience. In the tarot (you might look up “tarot tower” in Google image) the Tower is very tall, and beginning to fall over. There is fire, lightening, and people are jumping out of the windows at the top. It indicates that something that you built your whole life on is now falling, because the stones at the very foundation of the Tower were wrong or rotten, and yet – you kept building your life on that foundation. The fall is really hard – it’s shocking and it feels like the end of the world – but it was necessary, like it’s necessary to get a bad tooth out before your life can heal and move on. I think what happened to you in May sounds like a Tower experience -”

The hypnosis inadvertently shook my “inner tree” to its core and repressed memories and emotions began to surface. A day later, I had THE MOST cleansing deep cries that brought up even more old debris from my past. I returned to therapy and was triggered into even deeper stuff and then began deprogramming at a faster rate, losing fears, changing old patterns and habits, and overall living a much higher quality life. I can safely say I am happier at 51 than any other time in my life. Even today, as I work through my old traumas with a process partner, I am becoming more authentic. That’s the whole point of this as far as I’m concerned.

The above is all thanks to the friend who posted that video on his timeline, the very conspiracy movement videos the world poo poo’s on. Ha! This is why I refuse to shame people who are educators and informants. Learning the truth of the world we live in saved my life.

Maybe the establishment is playing a role to create the very Tower Experiences we NEED to get us to move? We don’t move and grow when we are comfortably numb. We move and grow when we are challenged. As the illusions begin to melt before us? We are forced to change our minds. We are forced live differently. We are forced to rebuild our lives on truth instead living the old lies. We are forced to make better decisions. We are forced to find authority within ourselves instead of outside ourselves. The repressed stoics begin to cry and rage finally. These are the seeds of growth that take us from a place of infancy to maturity.

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