The Physical and Spiritual Aspect of Trauma

The physical and non-physical (spiritual) aspect of trauma that very few discuss….

With trauma, there is both a physical-worldly aspect and a spiritual aspect. We might either solely focus on the physical and get overwhelmed to the point where we are often outside the “window of tolerance” (the window that allows us to feel our emotions) causing us to suffer unnecessarily or we get stuck in the spiritual and bypass our feelings and traumas altogether while masquerading as “progress” in a dissociated state. Knowledge of both the material and immaterial can be, for *some*, empowering and liberating while not preventing the hard work of the healing process. For me, the game changer on my healing journey has been acknowledging both the worldly and the spiritual aspect of my trauma. They can co-exist since everything co-exists due to the inherent connectivity in everything. As I see it, the spiritual and material world are not at all separate from one another.

I have yet to meet any spiritual teachers out there that acknowledge a grounded and balanced enough view on trauma that entertain a more inclusive wider lens to perceive life. Some of our greatest suffering is based upon beliefs that limit us and our potential.

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