Authority Worship and Why a Compassionate Deeper Understanding is Needed

Authority Worship and Why a Compassionate Deeper Understanding is Needed

A deeper reason why authority worship is so commonplace might be because some of us are unconsciously looking to be saved. Religions often promise that someone is coming from the cosmos or other planets to come here and save us. Since our parents could not protect us and provide security, we need a government who will. Since our parents could not love us, we need authority who will. Since our parents could not properly guide us, we need someone who will. Since our parents weren’t strong enough to do their job right, we need to find someone who DOES have strength. Since our parents did not have confidence in what they were doing, we are looking for that in authority. Since our parents taught us that truth can only be found from powerful people who have been vetted by consensus, we look to authority for the answers.

Humanity is basically unwittingly looking for a parental replacement. There is so much compassion to be had. This programming is hard as hell to break free from. And it is not something you should ever feel ashamed of. We all get programmed. We all want REAL parents. Everything the child needed that did not get fulfilled, we are still looking for every day of our lives. This is what brings us all together.

“We have four brainwaves, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Beta is wide awake, alpha is slightly relaxed, theta is deeply relaxed and delta is sound asleep. All hypnosis (or programming) happens between alpha and theta. Between the ages of 0-7 we have not developed our beta waves yet so essentially all children are running around in a trance absorbing everything they see, hear and feel as absolute. Hence the reason we repeat these patterns over and over again, those experiences are the only truth we know.” ~Shannon Doyle

The child mind (subconscious mind) runs our life and it is still trying to find protection, guidance, security and love. What is sad is that authority knows this all too well and they exploit this weakness in us so they can feel more powerful at the expense of keeping us enslaved and disempowered.

Deprogramming happens in stages, but it’s possible and can be very painful. But it is that pain we have to face ( the pain of our parents not loving and protecting us) if we ever expect to be liberated, if we ever expect to mature and have a healthy cynicism toward life and people.

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