Atonement, Apology, Guilt and Healing

Part of the healing process is apologizing, feeling the guilt for what you did to harm other people. I know that in my own process, my inner guidance took me to places in my past where I have harmed other people and animals and I have cried again and again. I got instant forgiveness from the other souls. I knew it because I felt it. Instant love. You WILL be instantly forgiven IF you take FULL responsibility for what you have done and are TRULY sorry. It’s very healing.

The new age “there are no mistakes” and the “you don’t have to feel guilt” is dangerous: This teaches us how to condemn and silence our emotions and exiled parts of self. This keeps people from moving forward in life. It’s all a trap. Let your Inner Guidance take you places and surrender to and express fully whatever comes up and you cannot go wrong. If it makes you feel any better? We’ve all screwed up; we’ve all hurt people, but unless the remorse is felt, you cannot move on in spite of thinking you have.

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