Reincarnation and Healing Trauma

A really good question someone might ask about reincarnation is “If we cannot heal our traumas in one lifetime, that means in another lifetime we have old pain to work through and then new pain to work through on top of that. That’s too much and we’ll never get the work done that way.”

I cannot say I know how it all works, but this is what makes sense for me. Let’s say you are in this lifetime to heal from a low sense of worth. Let’s say something happened to you as a child in this lifetime that caused you to think lowly of yourself. Well, in this lifetime you might attract people and experiences that remind you of that so you can work on it. If you don’t complete it all in this lifetime, in the next lifetime, you will continue attracting people and experiences so you can, again, continue to work on your low self-esteem issues. If we work on our problems through emotions, when we feel them deeply and fully enough, that heals ALL lifetimes where your self-worth was crushed. You are not just healing this lifetime when you emote, you are healing all of them!!

The soul doesn’t see “lifetimes”. It only sees ONE continuous life. Moving to Spirit (death) is only a hiatus. Reincarnation is a choice made not by the human persona, but the soul aspect of ourselves. We don’t have to do it, but for those who decide to, it is not about winding up with more baggage, in my opinion. Robert Schwartz talks about the theory that we come here to work only on 2-3 “Divine Virtues” at a time. So we come to the physical to attract people and events that trigger us into seeing that we both cultivate and express each divine virtue. When I heard him talk about it, that resonated.

There are no cosmic arbiters out there who want us to suffer meaninglessly.

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