Are your choices your own?

​We might not be experiencing REAL consistent choices until we begin the healing process and start deprogramming. Until then, choice or free will is illusory. Many of our decisions we think we are freely making, our thought processes and patterns, might be really old dusty running programs in our head.

We don’t have consciousness until we are around 7-8 years old. Until then, we are in a full-on suggestible state. This is what I believe to be called “auto-hypnosis”. As children, we take it all in no matter the source be it television, radio, or people around us. Abuse is also part of the programming. While abuse is not language, it programs the mind of the victim that they don’t matter, that they are unlovable and are a slave to the perverted whims and pleasures of adults. Children do not consent nor are they aware they are being programmed and by the time they are adults, they don’t even know they were programmed. That programming sits in the fragmented subconscious mind. Most behavior, thoughts, and decisions come from that part of the mind which is why choice is not fully apparent until healing. Until then, we live under the illusion that we make choices freely. Post-healing, however, choices are much more consciously made and are aligned with our core selves as opposed to being aligned with our social conditioning or aligned with acts of rebellion to exact false power.

“The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him, the walls of his prison are invisible.” ~Aldous Huxley

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