You know you’re staring to get real when you realize how fake you are.

You know you are genuinely healing when you realize that you have a long way to go.

You know you’re becoming self-aware when you realize that you don’t understand all of yourself yet and why you behave and think the way you do.

You know you’re starting to love yourself when you realize how much you hate yourself.

You know you’re starting to learn when you realize how much you don’t know.

You know you’re becoming honest with yourself when you realize all the lies you told yourself and all the pretenses you put up in front of others.

You know you’re becoming humble when you realize how huge and how fragile your ego actually is. You (inner child) feel with your broken heartfelt emotions how so inferior you feel which in turn keeps you from behaving like you’re superior.

When you are doing the work of healing, authentically doing the grueling nose-to-the-grindstone REAL blood, sweat and tears work of healing, you get a big piece of HUMBLE PIE. Those who are sincerely working on their process know this. Illusions get shattered up the yingyang. Every time you think you’ve built your fort, it gets blown down by the humblepie winds. Bragging is a wonderful thing and more should do it because we should advocate ourselves, but toxic bragging is when you assign completeness prematurely. This is very common especially in pseudo-spiritual communities. Women in particular compete with one another for who gets enlightened first. Here’s the problem: Toxic bragging might cause those around you to feel inferior to you as you erect yourself higher than them. This also can cause authentic people who have yet to complete their work to feel even more isolated and alone as very very very few people admit this journey takes years if not lifetimes. Very few will ever admit to being stuck or stagnant. Very few will admit that even though they have been doing this for twenty years, they feel they could be doing this for twenty more. People feel alone as they are and the last thing they need is to feel that where they are makes them insignificant or slow or not doing it right. Also, toxic bragging can be a form of cognitive bypass in that when you think you’re done, you stop working on yourself in the same way that people who think they know it all, stop learning. This form of armoring is common especially among those who have very weak egos and a low self-esteem. The parental figures might have made them feel very badly about themselves, maybe even stupid. So in order to compensate for those crushing feelings of inadequacy, they do what they can to feel the opposite: superiority. This happens all the time in spiritual communities in that so many are calling themselves shamans, healers, lightworkers…. This is what is called the Spiritual Ego. Maybe it’s a stage in the process perhaps? Maybe we all go down the same roads? Either way, there may be a life tragedy that causes these shields to melt. Life will eventually bring us back to down to earth. And we will find a huge ass piece of humble pie in front of us. :-D This is when you realize very clearly that you’re only just beginning the journey…..

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