Emotion: Energy(e) In Motion

​If we are going to talk about high or low frequencies or vibrations, it’s a lot simpler than we think. Popular culture will have you think negative emotions cast low vibes and positive emotions cast high vibes. But, I don’t think it works that way. I think suppressed/repressed emotions cast the low vibes and EXPRESSED emotions (done in a safe therapeutic environment) cast high vibes. Even if the emotion is shame, fear, rage or hatred, if it is given its FULL expression, that is a moving opening energy that facilitates high vibrations.

Remember emotion is energy in motion. When we feel, we are moving. When we suppress, we are stagnant. Stagnancy lives in low frequencies because it’s not moving. To be alive, you have to be moving and going with the flow. When we are stagnant and refusing flow, then flow stops on all levels in our bodies which creates physical and mental illness.

Pop-culture on what creates high frequencies is designed to shame “negative” emotions. Don’t buy into the hype. We need to work on VALIDATING emotions instead of condemning them to “low vibrations”.

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