The Liberation in Epigenetics

I don’t buy that we are a slave to our genes. While we may not be able to change our eye color, we are able to re-write our genetic predispositoins to physical maladies.

It is much easier for us to deal with physical illness than to deal with the emotions they might mask so this is why we put up with being sick. We also might put up with being sick because we’ve believed the lie that we are helpless and have no control. And lots of money is being made off that profitable falsehood.

According to the field of Epigenetics, our genes are the gun and our lifestyle is the trigger. If you live without feeling your emotions and if you live with beliefs that limit you and if you eat what you are told to by your cult-ure, chances are you will be a slave to your genetics. However, you re-write your genes when you step it up and change the music.

I have noticed that when I eat poorly, I follow in the shoes of my biological mother — I even start to look like her, but when I eat right, the gene-shackles loosen up. I have learned that I call the shots. Study Epigenetics. Go research the work done by Dr. Bruce Lipton as he has done a lot of experiments with Epigenetics. Our cult-ture teaches us learned helplessness. We learn how to be victims and be comfortable with our victimhood so much so we don’t realize we have choices. We have normalized pathologies and have demonized healthy behavior. That’s how upside down we have become. We don’t realize just how powerful we are. I am here to tell you that you are way more powerful beyond your imagination and then some. Healing only comes to those who take full responsibility for their lives.

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