Mental Illness and Spirituality

Those who understand higher spiritual truths will often be cast as mentally ill to the spiritually materialistic.

The truth is that there is a world greater than we can imagine or comprehend that goes way beyond the physical. We all have some level of spiritual insight and experiences, we just doubt them as we have been conditioned to. We are taught straight from birth any memories of past lives or any chatter between ourselves and others in spirit are delusional necessitating medical intervention. A whole movie was made about this called, “Return to Oz”. Early on, we (with good intentions) condition our children to doubt their psychic intelligence and spiritual experiences. I’d bet a great amount of those in psychiatric wards are there due to having intense spiritual experiences and instead of being heard, they are gas-lighted and given a chemical cocktail shot in their arm, treated as garbage.

Our world is not designed for those who recognize senses that exceed the lower five senses.

Solution: Start trusting your own intuition. That is a psychic ability we are born with. It’s not woo. Once we begin believing in ourselves, we open the doors to believing and validating the experiences of others no matter how weird they might seem. All weird really is, when you break it down, is authenticity as if we were all being our true selves, it’s weird because we are like nobody else.

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