Demystifying Psychic Awareness of Others

Reading people is normal. Maybe not common, but normal. We are all hardwired from birth to see people beneath their mask and into their subconscious mind. Babies do this. Children are wildly aware of everything. It is not woo to see the depths of people with clarity. We are all connected in spirit; this is why. This is also why when we can see ourselves, we can see others. When we can see our own shadow fearlessly, we can see the shadow in others without fear or denial. When we have faced our own flaws, we can see other’s flaws. When we have met our own greatness, we can see the greatness in others.

The reason why we cannot all read people now might be because our connection to others is broken. That might be because we lost connection to ourselves. We are afraid of parts of our shadow; we are in denial of parts of our pain, some of our flaws, and as a result we might be afraid of what we might find in others. If we are holding on to repressed memories and emotions, we might unconsciously block other’s shadows from our conscious awareness. This might be a necessary layer of protection to keep our own memories repressed. When we restore connection to ourselves by doing our healing work, restored, is our connection to others and gone is our fear of what is within and without.

Connection is what psychic ability is all about.

We all have this gift to read others and those with Scorpio placements might have conscious awareness of this gift and are here in this lifetime to use it as a tool. If you have a Scorpio Sun, Ascendant or especially a Scorpio Moon placement (me), reading people might be effortless for you. You will see other’s intentions, motivations, their subconscious mind — essentially you’ll be able to see what they aren’t aware about themselves. This is why so many Scorpionic people might be compelled to get into counseling as a career path. If you can get into people’s minds, you can help them. All signs bear gifts; this is the gift that Scorpios generally have so long as other placements aren’t blocking it. Also the more emotional work we do, the better the clarity into others we get. The more you allow and release feelings, the more insight you have into yourself and the more you will KNOW others because again, we are all connected.

Pisces placements also have a good read on people energetically. But with Pisces (or major Neptune placements i.e. 1st house Neptune) comes delusion and denial as well. It can be hard for Pisces (sun, moon, or ascendant, Neptune 1st house) sometimes to discern what we WANT to believe about people versus what is reality. So, the more we heal, the more we’ll be strong enough to handle the truth of reality.

Our knowledge of others is inherent in nature. We, once again, are all born with clear psychic superpowers. The pathology is in NOT being able to read others. As we heal our traumas, this becomes patently apparent.

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