Women on Women Sexism

I think the worst sexism doesn’t come from men, but from other women. I see women tearing other women down all the time. Women who post selfies, for starters…. So many women feel uncomfortable when other women post their selfies often. The prettier, the more self-assured and the happier these women appear to be, the more they are scorned. My view is that women have felt bad about themselves for way to long. There is too much body shame and too much self-loathing and I say, it’s fricken about time women are starting to show themselves and be proud of who they are. It’s really about time!

Confident women. Yikes. That’s the ultra insult to women who feel insecure with themselves. Women who have not found their power and their voice might be intimidated by women who have. When they see another woman’s confidence and declaratory demeanor, there might be unconscious jealously.

Women who have learned to say “no” and set boundaries in relationships will always trigger those less empowered. ​​

And Intelligent women? Oh God no, get off your throne, girl. We still live in a world where we shame women who get on youtube and talk smart. If a man does it, though, no prolemo.

Less evolved competitive women will go out of their way to take a strong beautiful boundaried confident woman down. It’s hard to watch how women treat other women. But I need to be fair; compared to decades ago, I think we are less jealous and less competitive. I definitely would not want to be transported back to earlier times considering how patently petty we used to be! We still have a ways to go, however, and I look forward to the day when we all start to support one another instead of hurting each other. This doesn’t mean women should not be held accountable for their actions or not be called out when need be. I am talking about unconscious jealousy and the UNconscious repressed need to compete for attention. It all stems from childhood. This is why it is so very necessary to begin our healing journey so that we can move past old childhood hurts and see other women as they really are instead of through the lens of old unresolved wounds. Shoot, even my beef with jealous women comes from my own wounds! It all comes from pain.

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