Is it impossible to heal completely?

Today, I challenge the notion that we can never heal completely.

I think it really depends on if we are talking about getting it all done in this lifetime or at all in terms of eternity. My opinions are based on the belief that our souls are eternal and that reincarnation is real. From the highest perspective of the soul, I intuit that the soul does not see “lifetimes” — it only sees a continuum of one eternal life in spite of “death” being our resting time in Spirit in between “lifetimes”. This is not something anyone chooses, but ourselves. I think our souls call all the shots. We can choose to never come back here. But again, this is how I see things for now.

If we are looking at life as eternal, I agree that often it’s impossible to heal all wounds in one lifetime, but for those working on the same wound for several lifetimes, this might be the one lifetime where they get permanent relief. How much one can get done in one lifetime really depends on where they are in their healing process and also depends if they are even here to heal at all. Some are just starting to heal, some of us are at the end of it and some might be in the middle of the road.

I think if we relive our trauma and feel it all as in giving our bodies and our emotions the absolute fullest expression, we do permanently recover from trauma at some point on our journey — even if over a span of lifetimes. But if our beliefs are limited or if we don’t believe in absolutely and permanently being fully liberated from the past,then we might be sabotaging our own process. …at least for this lifetime anyway. Our beliefs are really important here. They can limit us or liberate us.

The medical, pharmaceutical, psychiatric and the mental health establishment conditions us to doubt our full potential to heal fully and completely. This causes so many people to give up and remain unconsciously disempowered. I sometimes even wonder if there are people who profit off this lie. This is the learned helplessness we might have learned in childhood being exploited and reinforced in adulthood. This would explain why so many stay stuck and why so many give up even trying.

I even had so many medical doctors tell me my problems were incurable, but I proved them wrong. So many of the ailments and even diseases I had, I fixed by embracing alternative medicine. If you believe anything is possible, things might become possible. …IF and only IF there is a strong enough WILL behind it. There needs to be a WILL that all parts of self agree with including the parts of self we aren’t conscious of.

The most scary truth isn’t that we are powerless; it’s that we are incredibly powerful. So many of us might be terrified of just how powerful we are. Because to face how powerful we are means to face we’ve been lied to. We are more powerful than we are led by authority to believe. Our potential to heal is based on our efforts, our will, and our own belief systems. If our beliefs are limited, than so we shall be,…


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