What Are My Dreams About?

I think your dreams stem from the subconscious aspect of yourself that exist to help you become more aware of the issues that you need to work on. Dreams, if we pay attention, help us become self-aware and more in tune with how we feel inside the deeper aspects of ourselves. Dreams show us what we are in denial of consciously. They are a Truth Serum.

Once you know why dreams occur, you don’t need anyone to tell you what they mean for you unless they KNOW you or are highly intuitive. Dreams are personal and tailored to who we are. Lots of people make a lot of money off of deceptive books that really might lead people further away from themselves. The truth is…. the answers are within you and they only become apparent when you tune out all the noise outside you. When we stop relying on someone else to tell us what they mean, it gets easier to unravel our inner secrets.

When you wake up, ask yourself how the dream made you feel. Maybe even write about it. Check patterns, repeat players who keep showing up, do shadow work, and you might eventually connect the dots.

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