Addressing Ego-bashing

The more we bash the ego as bad, the more time it might take to heal and disidentify with it. The ego is not wrong. It’s our inner child. It came to life to hold on to our traumas so that we could function in the world. The only reason you’re still breathing now is thank God for your Ego!! We should be thanking our egos if anything at all. When you bash ego, you bash your inner child. The inner child needs so desperately your UNconditional love, your compassion, your willingness to let her be angry and enraged and to feel the full scale of emotions. Your inner child wants to be heard and acknowledged. And you keep on squashing your inner child time and time again. You keep it hidden. You feel shame about it. This keeps your inner child withdrawn. This prevents healing. And ironically enough, it prevents the disidentification of your ego.

While the ego is not who you are at the soul level, superficially speaking, the ego CARRIES who you are after you allow the ego or inner child its self-expression. Your real self becomes visible when you allow and express the feelings associated with your old repressed traumas (some which you don’t remember). But to gain access to the depths, the inner child holds the key. If we are still bashing ego (which is sadly taught in most spiritual teachings), we are light years away from being healed.

This is why I don’t recommend guru worship. They distance us from raw authentic healing and keep us withheld from our true selves.

My messages, as always, is QUESTION EVERYTHING.

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