On Being Seduced by Power

We all say we love authenticity, but then we celebrate, applaud and may even get turned on when other’s authenticity and free expression is shut down and censored by banhammer mentalities.

Authority is SEXY.
Power is SEXY.
Iron Fist Rule is SEDUCTIVE.

I sit back and observe this human phenomenon and other’s seduction to tyrannical authoritative measures and then I realize this lack of discernment in our world must be one of the many reasons we’ve always had dictators and still do. If this perversion of power differential happens between us on a peer-level basis, no wonder it happens politically on the grand world stage.

We are co-creating the very structures in our world we might pretend to dislike. This gross discrepancy is us being in conflict with ourselves. Once we heal and integrate all of our internal conflicts and fragments of ourselves, our actions will begin to align with our core values.

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